How To Hard Reset Any Fly Phone, Factory Reset, Wipe Data!

If your Fly Android smartphone has become slow or you wish to factory reset the device for any reason and completely clean the data, then the process is not extremely difficult. You can easily perform a factory reset on Fly without spending any money on it. Users might wish to perform a hard reset on their device for multiple reasons such as the device not working properly or when they forget the password. The hard reset or factory reset of the Fly device is also useful when you want to prepare the device for resale. The Hard Reset or Factory Reset of the device will remove all of the data from your smartphone.

The following tutorial will show the method to reset any Fly smartphone, you can check the combination of hardware keys that will help you reset the device.

Hard Reset deletes all the data on your smartphone including photos, contacts, apps, and more. The Data deleted from your smartphone include the Google Account, System and App Data, Settings, Downloaded apps, music, Pictures, Service Provider Apps and Content, SD Card decryption key, SD card data.

Select Your Fly Phone to Hard Reset:

Firefly Super Sweet


Firefly V10



Firefly AURII Secret XR

Firefly AURII Intense XT

Firefly AURII Amuse 4G


Fly IQ4417 ERA Energy 3

Fly Blackbird

Fly FS401 Stratus 1

Fly FS402 Stratus 2

Fly FS403 Cumulus 1

Fly FS404 Stratus 3

Fly FS405 Stratus 4

Fly FS451 Nimbus 1

Fly FS452 Nimbus 2

Fly FS454 Nimbus 8

Fly FS501 Nimbus 3

Fly FS502 Cirrus 1

Fly FS504 Cirrus 2

Fly FS505 Nimbus 7

Fly FS506 Cirrus 3

Fly FS507 Cirrus 4

Fly FS551 Nimbus 4

Fly IQ230

Fly IQ235 Uno

Fly IQ236 Victory

Fly IQ237 Dynamic

Fly IQ238 Jazz

Fly IQ239 Era Nano 2

Fly IQ240 Whizz

Fly IQ245 Wizard

Fly IQ246 Power

Fly IQ255 Pride

Fly IQ256 Vogue

Fly IQ270 Firebird

Fly IQ275 Marathon

Fly IQ285 Turbo

Fly IQ430 Evoke

Fly IQ431 Glory

Fly IQ432 Era Nano 1

Fly IQ436 Era Nano 3

Fly IQ436i Era Nano 9

Fly IQ440 Energie

Fly IQ4400 ERA Nano 8

Fly IQ4401 Era Energy 2

Fly IQ4402 Era Style 1

Fly IQ4403 Energie 3

Fly IQ4404 Spark

Fly IQ4405 Evo Chic 1

Fly IQ4406 Era Nano 6

Fly IQ4407 Era Nano 7

Fly IQ4409 Era Life 4

Fly IQ441 Radiance

Fly IQ4410 Quad Phoenix

Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2

Fly IQ4412 Coral

Fly IQ4413 Evo Chic 3

Fly IQ4414 EVO Tech 3

Fly IQ4415 Era Style 3

Fly IQ4416 Era Life 5

Fly IQ4418 Era Style 4

Fly IQ442 Miracle

Fly IQ443 Trend

Fly IQ444

Fly IQ445 Genius

Fly IQ446 Era Life 2

Fly IQ446 Magic

Fly IQ447 Era Life 1

Fly IQ448 Chic

Fly IQ449 Pronto

Fly IQ4490 Era Nano 4

Fly IQ4490i Era Nano 10

Fly IQ450 Horizon

Fly IQ4501 EVO Energie 4

Fly IQ4502 ERA Energy 1

Fly IQ4503 Era Life 6

Fly IQ4504 EVO Energy 5

Fly IQ4505 ERA Life 7

Fly IQ451 Vista

Fly IQ4511 Tornado One

Fly IQ4512 EVO Chic 4

Fly IQ4514 EVO Tech 4

Fly IQ4515 Evo Energy 1

Fly IQ4516 Tornado Slim

Fly IQ452 EGO Vision 1

Fly IQ453 Quad

Fly IQ454 EVO Tech 1

Fly IQ455 Ego Art 2

Fly IQ456 ERA Life 2

Fly IQ457 Universe 5.7

Fly IQ458 EVO Tech 2

Fly IQ459 EVO Chic 2

Fly IQ4601 Era Style 2

Fly Swift

Fly Tech

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