How To Hard Reset Any Hitech Phone, Factory Reset, Wipe Data!

If your Hitech Android smartphone has become slow or you wish to factory reset the device for any reason and completely clean the data, then the process is not extremely difficult. You can easily perform a factory reset on Hitech without spending any money on it. Users might wish to perform a hard reset on their device for multiple reasons such as the device not working properly or when they forget the password. The hard reset or factory reset of the Hitech device is also useful when you want to prepare the device for resale. The Hard Reset or Factory Reset of the device will remove all of the data from your smartphone.

The following tutorial will show the method to reset any Hitech smartphone, you can check the combination of hardware keys that will help you reset the device.

Hard Reset deletes all the data on your smartphone including photos, contacts, apps, and more. The Data deleted from your smartphone include the Google Account, System and App Data, Settings, Downloaded apps, music, Pictures, Service Provider Apps and Content, SD Card decryption key, SD card data.

Select Your Hitech Phone to Hard Reset:

Hitech Air A9

Hitech Amaze S5

Hitech Amaze S2

Hitech Air A6

Hitech Amaze S6 4G

Hitech Amaze S5 4G

Hitech Amaze S2 4G

Hitech Air A10

Hitech Air A9 Mini

Hitech Air A6i

Hitech Air A3i

Hitech Air A7

Hitech Air A1i

Hitech Air A3

Hitech Amaze S430 Plus

Hitech Amaze S410

Hitech Amaze S315

Hitech Amaze S200

Hitech Air A4

Hitech Amaze S300i

Hitech Amaze S3

Hitech Air A2

Hitech Amaze S800

Hitech Amaze S405

Hitech S300

Hitech Amaze S430

Hitech Amaze S305

Hitech Amaze S306

Hitech Air A5

Hitech Air A1

Hitech Amaze S1

Hitech Amaze S406

Whitecherry S2 Joy

Whitecherry S2 Unite

Whitecherry MI 4

Whitecherry Mi Canvas

Whitecherry Mi Joose 2

Whitecherry Mi Bolt 2

Whitecherry MI 2

Whitecherry S2 Blade

Whitecherry MI 1

Whitecherry MI 3

Whitecherry Mi Seven

Whitecherry Mi Bolt